Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire everyone to lead a balanced lifestyle and eat a healthy diet in sustainable, moderate and effective way. Unfortunately, many people think that such a diet and lifestyle are a privilege that only certain people can afford. At Nutrimentum, we are committed to changing this mindset. With the right knowledge, moderation and proven approaches, having a balanced diet and leading a healthy lifestyle is accessible to everyone – without excessive sacrifices, needless suffering and considerable costs.

At Nutrimentum, we strive to make the path to your nutrition goals as easy as possible, regardless of whether you are after weight loss, weight gain, health optimization or sporting achievements. At the same time, we are also aware of the feelings of vulnerability and occasional helplessness that occur when changing dietary habits. That is why we are here to offer support, motivation and a helping hand during the process.

We translate scientifically verified information into practical instructions

We do not sell unnecessary nutritional supplements but teach useful knowledge

We always put the health and well-being of our customers first

Our team

Our team


Ajda is a nutritionist and founder of the company Nutrimentum with a master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from the Oxford Brookes University in England. Beforehand, she graduated from the Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana. Her love and interest in food and a healthy lifestyle stem from her sports career in her youth. After its conclusion, her purpose became to help people who want to improve their eating habits and lifestyle.

Her mission is to help people by translating scientific literature on nutrition and healthy lifestyle into practical advice. She is convinced that a healthy body weight and a well-balanced diet are accessible to everyone if only we can change our eating habits in a personalized and professional way. She is aware of the importance of moderation and persistence in achieving long-term results.

ROLE IN NUTRIMENTUM: Individual nutrition consultations, lectures on sports nutrition, leading workshops on nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Writing articles about nutrition. Mentor to students of Nutrition and Kinesiology from the University of Ljubljana and to students of Dietetics from the University of Primorska.


Nina is a student of the master’s degree program Nutrition at the Faculty of Biotechnology. She loves natural history, science, nature and, of course, food. As a student, she worked in a fitness centre, where, along with her studies, she slowly developed an interest in nutrition. Food fascinates her mainly because of its simplicity and simultaneous complexity, as well as its extraordinary influence on our health. Her passion lies in the field of clinical nutrition, which deals with treatment, alleviation and prevention of disease by virtue of a healthy lifestyle.

Her main task is translating scientific literature and expert articles on nutrition. Sharing her knowledge with people brings her great joy. She likes to travel and learn about foreign cultures and cuisine. She is also very interested in ecology and its connection with nutrition. Nina believes that healthy and safe food should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their status in society. With her knowledge, she wants to help people achieve their (nutrition) goals and thus maximize their health and improve their quality of life.

ROLE IN NUTRIMENTUM: Research, writing articles on nutrition, helping with clients.

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